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Healthy Pigs for the market

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Nascetur Farms

Whether you are looking for something unusual or want a partner to consistently supply you with the finest quality pig products,you are in the right place.We work with a lot of restaurants and pork joint owners so we are no stranger to the demands of pressures you are under.

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Delivery services available @ a fee.

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The Environment

Our farming is also the most emission friendly animal protein source today.

Products Delivery

Delivery date would be in accordance with users’ requirements as much as possible.

Our Service

We have a series of Pre-service, Sales service as well as After-sale service to ensure the smooth of the whole process.


Indoor production lets our producers monitor and accommodate pigs throughout their life cycle.

Our Farm

Our Pig Farms manage all stages of pig growth and development, from breeding through finishing,

Quality care

When it comes to our pigs, we spend a lot of time and investment researching the best housing practices for their different stages of growth.

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We have an experienced qualified team to take care of your needs